Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3: Jan. 3, 2010

This picture was taken at Buffalo Wild Wings this morning. We go to Bdubs every Sunday to watch the Chicago Bears play.
Henry is always so good....which is awesome since we are there for several hours.
Is it bad that our waitress knows our names, our drink order and our food order?

Here is another one of Henry because I couldn't pick my favorite for the day!
He has the cutest little jersey on under that bib. Okay well at least I think it is the cutest.

And finally my picture of the day. I actually have make up on and my hair done! That is a feat in itself...I never learned how to do my makeup really or my hair for that matter. So normally I don't wear makeup and my hair is just pulled up. If you have any makeup or hair ideas don't be afraid to share you can see I need all the help I can get.


ashley said...

Okay stop stop stop. You are BEAUTIFUL. And when you say things like 'as you can see, I need all the help I can get' it takes AWAY from your beauty.
This project is going to be awesome for your confidence.

ashley said...

Tomorrow, take a picture with your hair down all the way and I'll give you some tips :)

Amy said...

Alright deal Ashley! I will try really hard to say something POSITIVE about myself. I appreciate you pointing out my negativity. You are completely right this is supposed to be helping with my confidence not tearing it apart! Thanks! BTW I will leave my hair down tomorrow too. Thanks so much!

ashley said...

Even if you're not positive, DONT be negative. You don't have to call yourself beautiful if you don't feel that way..but the more negative comments you make the worse you feel about yourself.
Trust the woman who is 6'7" tall and had 2 six year old boys chasing me around work today yelling "HUGE HUGE LADY!!!! SHES SO HUGE!!!"...............................Yeah.