Friday, January 1, 2010

Digging a little deeper....

So as I have said this is more than just a picture blog for me...I created this blog for multiple reasons include helping me boost my self-confidence and to help me take care of me. I think that there are issues that I have that still affect (or is it effect) me a lot that can explain some of my confidence and worth issues.

My Dad passed away before I ever got the chance to know him. I was born Nov. 1985 and my Dad died Jan. 1987. So I was barely 2 years old when we lost him. I truly think (looking back on things) that not having my Dad around affected the way in which I dealt with any guy in my life. Thinking back to my Jr. High/High School years I think I was striving for approval from a man. I was and always have been kind of a tomboy per say but I know I always wanted attention from the guys...though I didn't get it very often.

I wonder though if my inability to get the approval I always wanted or needed from my Dad affected my self-image/self-confidence issues. I did have male figures in my life, my grandpa and Uncle but I do wonder if that just wasn't enough for me.

Anyway that is just something I am pondering tonight...

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