Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: Jan. 7, 2010

Tomorrow is DH's birthday! I asked him a few days ago if he would prefer a homemade cake (his favorite yellow cake, chocolate frosting) or an ice cream cake. Well he could not make a decision so I decided I would try to make a homemade ice cream cake with his favorite cake and ice cream. The first picture tonight is the beginnings of his ice cream cake! I will post the final outcome tomorrow.

It's Henry's bedtime and he doesn't want to believe me! He wants to keep playing even though it is very obvious he is tried. I took his picture tonight as I was putting him to bed for the 2nd time!

And finally here is my picture of the day. I took this right after I got home from a 2 hour workout at the gym.
This picture makes me realize I like my eyes! I know that is kind of random but I think this picture makes my eyes standout!


Mrs Sea Monster said...

Your eyes do stand out!

And you look great for someone who just finished working out. :D

Ashley said...

Your eyes are BEAUTIFUL!! A 2 hour work out?! What'd you do? Don't wear yourself out! :P
And Sea Monster (lol @ the name) is right - you look awesome post workout.

Amy said...

Thank you both! Ashley- I did a big cardio workout: treadmill, elliptical and bike and then did crunches push ups etc. I love to spend time at the gym. lol