Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4: Jan. 4, 2010

Well its Day 4 and I am still going! Today I am working hard to get our house cleaned up after the long weekend. I also plan to go to the gym this afternoon too. The gym has kind of become my Me time and I really look forward to going.

Anyway on to the pictures!
I hope that everyone has a great Monday! I feel like today is going to be a productive day for me.


ashley said...

You're one of the very few (and lucky) women who look better WITHOUT makeup than with!
Do you have bangs, I can't really tell? Your hair looks GREAT down like that, is it naturally straight or did you take an iron to it?
You have a very long face (like me) so you definitely need some sort of bangs. Whether they're 'blunt' bangs or longer sideswept bangs.
It's a good length for you, have you ever thought about getting a wave perm? Curls would make your face look more wide than long.
Remember that anything you do to your hair will grow out so don't be afraid to try something new.
How long have you had this hairstyle?

Amy said...

I don't have bangs right now I have had them but don't right now. My hair is straight. I actually did nothing to my hair before I took this picture.
I have had perms in the past and have been contemplating getting a perm for a while now. I just wasn't sure if that was the best style for me. If I were to get a perm what kind should I request? And if I did a perm would I still do bangs?
I have had this hairstyle since Sept.
Thank you so much for the tips and for the makeup comment. Now I don't feel to bad that I rarely get makeup on. lol

Ashley said...

I have a perm. They used the biggest rods they could so it was semi-loose. I also have a big chunk of shorter bangs on each side of my face that aren't permed. I pin them up into a cute pouf or just bring them down to the side in a pony tail.