Saturday, January 2, 2010

Menu: Jan. 3 through Jan. 9

Well this is my first attempt at creating a real, healthy menu. I have already purchased all of the ingredients I need for this week. I am trying some new recipes and some that I have already made a time or two. One of my challenges is to add at least one meatless meal to our menu each week.
So here goes....

Sunday: Buffalo Wild Wings....Last Football Game of the season! (Lunch) and Vegetable Quiche with a Spinach salad and corn(Dinner).

Monday: Scrambled Eggs with spinach and cheese (Breakfast), leftover Quiche (Lunch) and Baked Chicken with rice and salad (Dinner).

Tuesday: Frosted Flakes with banana (breakfast), salad with turkey or tuna (Lunch) and Old Fashioned Pot Pie with salad and green beans.

Wednesday: Half of a bagel with cream cheese (Breakfast), leftover Pot Pie (Lunch) and Cowboy Steaks with Green Beans and Salad (Dinner).

Thursday: Corn Flakes (Breakfast), Half of a turkey sandwich with cheese and mustard and broccoli (Lunch) and Leftovers or KFC (Dinner).

Friday: Half of a bagel with cream cheese(Breakfast), Salad with Tuna, Carrots and Turkey (Lunch) and Out to Eat(Dinner). Today is DH's birthday so we are going to dinner and a movie.

Saturday: Scrambled Eggs with Toast (Breakfast), Subway (Lunch), Portobello Pizza with corn and green beans (Dinner).

This is the plan for this week. I will keep you up to date on my success of following it each night. If you want to try out any of these recipes let me know...I can post the recipes if you would like. Many of them I found online but don't remember where for some of them.
Overall I think that this plan looks pretty healthy so I hope that we can stick to it and I hope that some of the new recipes are yummy!

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